Mendoza: Two boys are involved in the murder of the family

Mendoza, December 9, 2011

The 14-year old, who said at first that a man had entered the house of his friend and managed to escape, confessed that he killed the child of 11 years old in self-defense when the other tried to assassinate him of stabbing, after murdering his grandparents and his mother.

The slaughter occurred last night near San Pedro at 9 pm, in the neighborhood May 8, Las Heras, where they found stabbed Monica of 49 years, his son Ezequiel and the grandparents Miguel of 80 years old and Sarah of 83.

The prosecutor, Claudia Rios, interviewed the neighbor of 14 years, being the sole survivor of the tragedy.

But the case changed when he confessed that he had to kill his friend in self defense after he stabbed his family. Thus the cause passed to juvenile justice and juvenile criminal attorney is Guillermo Farmache.

Police rejects the hypothesis of a murder by insecurity and now try to discover what was the reason for the slaughter.

According to the police chief, Juan Carlos Caleri, it “was a tragedy in the family according to the statement of the boy of 14 years old”.

Caleri assumes that “the escalation of violence began with a dispute over a pen drive. It began as a violent cross between the boy of 11 years and adolescents aged 14, who were neighbors and friends”.

“Another theory places the 14-as the principal author, although so far are no clear clues and researchers will need more evidence to determine the responsibilities”.

Police sources confirmed that “Ezequiel used to suffer from psychiatric problems and was under medical treatment”.

Margarita Funes, a neighbor of the family said that “the 11 year old boy suffered from schizophrenia but was not able to commit a slaughter. The boy had problems but she did not think there were great”.

As the godfather of Ezequiel, Ruben Molina said that “the boy was medicated and under psychiatric treatment. He had sometimes threatened his mother with a knife”.

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