Mauricio Macri assumed his second term as head of City Government

City of Buenos Aires, December 9, 2011

Mauricio Macri assumed his second term as head of city government, accompanied by Maria Eugenia Vidal, who acted as deputy in the Palace of the Legislature. 

Macri, then said: “We will work for the unity of all Argentines. We will not abandon the role of national alternative. We must be frank and sincere in dialogue. We must all work together for the good of the country. We must not politicize justice. We must give more room for the young, is our duty to give them more space. Our first challenge is the environmental issue. For the 2015 I imagine a city full of bicycles. Another challenge is to build an integrated society. Our main pillars, health, work and education. Another big issue is the safety of the residents, who must be part of our daily agenda. We will continue to promote culture in the City. I want to thank the delegates from Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Mexico, indicating Latin America’s place in the World. We must consolidate our position as a region of integration. We must fight against drug trafficking. The task of driving is a human task. A leader takes happiness to his people and the union advances to the community”.

After the ceremony he took the oath of: Carolina Stanley, will serve as Minister of Social Development, two new ministries, led by Emilio Monzó (Government) and Andres Ibarra, the Ministry of Modernization of the State and Hector Gimenez will replace Eugenio Burzaco in front of the Metropolitan Police.

Continue in office Rodriguez Larreta, as chief of staff of the Buenos Aires government, Secretary General of the government, Marcos Peña, and Nestor Grindetti as Finance Minister, Guillermo Montenegro on Justice and Security, Urban Development Daniel Chain, Francisco Cabrera in Economic Development , Jorge Lemus at the Ministry of Health and in Education Esteban Bullrich.

At 12:15 pm he will attend a special function at the Teatro Colon, where Bariloche Camerata will perform a series of compositions done by Astor Piazzolla.

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