The Pope activated the lights of the biggest Christmas tree from the Vatican

December 8, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican, through the Internet from an iPad tablet, activated the lights on the largest Christmas tree in the world.

The ‘Tree of Gubbio’, with a height of 750 meters and 450 wide, is located on a slope of Mount Ingino, in the city of the central region of Umbria.

With artificial fir, it entered the Guinness record since 1991, to be considered the “largest Christmas Tree in the World”.

During the ceremony the Pope said that “men need a light that will shine in these moments of difficulties and darkness that surround us”.

“Men also need a light to lighten the path of our lives and give us hope, especially in this time where we feel a particular way the weight of the difficulties, problems, sufferings, and in which a veil of darkness seems to engulf us”.

“Any small gesture of kindness is like a light of this large tree and with the other lights it can illuminate the darkness of the night, even the darkest nights. Let the mind and heart of men look upward, towards God”.

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