Pablo Moyano: “If Lescano and Cavalieri continue as the Government’s spokesman, we have nothing to do in the CGT”


December 5, 2011


Pablo Moyano, deputy secretary of the Truckers Union, hinted that the good relations between the government and opposition unions in the CGT could result in his removal from the plant.

“If [Oscar] Lescano and [Armando] Cavalieri, who betrayed workers during the Menem administration, continue as union spokesmen of the Government, we have nothing else to do in the CGT but to leave, because the Truckers are not going back to settle conflicts,” the son of Hugo Moyano said to DyN.

In early November, he had indicated: “We come this far. We are obsequious, we are consequent. This is a legitimate claim and will take the form it needs be.”

The union will hold, on 15 December, an event at the Huracan Stadium where, according to sources of M24Digital, there will be a show of strengh that will give tone to the creation of a political party led by Hugo Moyano.

The head of the CGT met with Monsignor Jorge Lozano, the new chairman of the Social Pastoral Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina. “They agreed to keep talking about the needs of the country and the labor movement,” was said from the church environment.

“This meeting is very important as we used to exchange concerns, we intend to maintain dialogue between the Church and the labor movement,” said Moyano after the meeting.

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