Giorgi at UIA : “It is not optimistic [to triplicate the GDP], it is realism”


November 22, 2011


The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Debora Giorgi, spoke at the XVII Conference of Industry of the Union Industrial Argentina (UIA), which is held in the Hilton Hotel.

The official said the business chamber’s forecast to triple the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next 10 years “is not optimism, it is realism.”

Giorgi justified her remarks saying that “since 2003, the growth of GDP per capita rose by 167% in dollars, while in the world was only 54%.”

“A path to development, exemplified by the sustainable growth and indicators including income distribution, social mobility improvement and investment, among others, began” she added, as captured by M24Digital.

The minister also announced that since the beginning of the presidency of Nestor Kirchner, “we have generated more than one million jobs in the industrial sector.”

The XVII Conference of the UIA Industrial will hear, after the words of the official, a speech by Hugo Moyano, head of the CGT [Union's federation], and will end at 13 with the speech of the president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

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