Cuevana was sued for alleged piracy


November 19, 2011


Telefe channel started legal actions to investigate the site Cuevana for alleged illegal pirating. On the page you can view movies and series for free.

The site, run by Thomas Escobar, does not have it easy: the channel of Telefónica is just the first of a long list of filmmakers, producers and domestic and foreign companies which do not like their films to be played for free and would go to the courts to demand for its closure.

Cuevana also complicates the video on demand business that several companies, such as On Video, Arnet and Netflix, already carry on.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina considered that “the owners of these sites are really simple merchants who get the utility of what they steal and then freely give them.

Meanwhile, Escobar said a few days ago: “I ​​will never pay royalties in my life for a movie or a series, I do not in believe that. They can claim that money to others, I’m not going to pay. And if I close Cuevana, am I opening another site.”

Cuevana is a place where the typical processes to watch videos from sites like Megavideo are performed directly by the server, thus making it easier to watch movies and TV shows that users upload to the internet.

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