Pele: “I will send the video ‘Eternal Pelé’ to Messi”

October 17, 2011

Pele replied ironically to the sayings of the “Pulga”, who had claimed that Maradona was “without doubt” the best player from in comparison to “O Rei”.

The opinions are still found among who is the best of both players.Messi did not stay out of the controversy that still provokes passionate discussions.

Lionel Messi a month ago, said the Argentine Diego Maradona was “without doubt” the best player in the story, adding: “I don’t have to see Pele playing to confirm that”

Pele’s response was swift and appealing to the irony said: “If Messireally did not see me, I’ll do as I did once with Maradona: I’ll sendthe video ‘Pele eternal” with a smile on his face, referring to a documentary that portrays his sporting life by filmmaker NetoMassani Hannibal in 2004. Sample the best plays and goals fromPele for Santos, the Brazilian team and the New York Cosmos.

He also expressed his understanding for the resistance of Messi to be compared with old cracks: “Sometimes the player has no interest in this.” The interview was broadcast by the Brazilian O Globo channel.

One Response to Pele: “I will send the video ‘Eternal Pelé’ to Messi”

  1. V.Joel kingston

    No one can say that Pele is not the best player. Wether it may be Messi or others after watchin his videos. There is no other players like him in this earth and not even an alternate for him…!!!!!

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