“I call you to believe in this country, which we have to look after like our own home”


Province of Buenos Aires, October 5, 2011

President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, opened a hospital in Cordoba and a hydrochloric acid petrochemical plant in Rio Tercero through a teleconference. Then he addressed the crowd and called “the nation to believe in this country that we have to look like our own home.”

Very good afternoon to all. We are all very excited. I want to thank the members of the Evangelical Church of Medea, who welcomed me with love and affection, and those words make me very well.

Today is a very symbolic here in Cordoba, it just opened this hospital in the southern city of Cordoba, because it will serve 250 000 people. We opened 20 hospitals, 50 are being built. Yesterday, in Misiones, we launched the vaccination for cervical cancer, which kills 2,500 women per year. This vaccine is number 15 on a vaccination schedule that, when we arrived to the government, had only 8.

Also, in Rio Tercero with a major investment, with Veronica, who feels proud of this national business. Yesterday we presented the Industrial Plan 2020 and talked to deepen this production. Today, they become the first national provider of hydrochloric acid in the country.

We are also recovering spaces for the Radio Nacional, which is to recover the space for all voices, which began with the Media Law. A changing Argentina, which have created 9 universities and is going for more. An Argentina that spent 5% of the GDP in debt and 2% to education, and now we spend 6.47% to education and 2% to the debt. It is a cultural structuring as well.

I call you to work to deal with all the turmoil, for the national unity, for more hospitals, more radios. I call you to believe in this country, which we have to look after like our own home. Thanks for everything. I believe in you because you believe much in me.

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