Union defeated Banfield and put San Lorenzo in the relegation zone


Province of Santa Fe, September 26, 2011


Union of Santa Fe defeated Banfield in its stadium and left the promotion zone. Those of LaVolpe can not trace their game. With the goal of Jerónimo Barrales (ex “Drill”), at 79 ‘, San Lorenzo joined the indirect descent area.


Unión: Enrique Bologna; Renzo Vera, Juan Pablo Avendaño, Nicolás Correa, Rodrigo Erramuspe; Fausto Montero, Nicolás Bruna, Marcelo Sarmiento, Jorge Velázquez; Paulo Rosales and Jerónimo Barrales. Coach: Frank Kudelka.

Banfield: Cristian Lucchetti; Gustavo Toledo, Marcelo Bustamante, Víctor López, Nicolás Tagliafico; Marcelo Quinteros, Walter Acevedo, Ezequiel Carboni, Juan Eluchans; Facundo Ferreyra and Jorge Achucarro. Coach: Ricardo La Volpe.

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