Venezuela: early elections in 2012

September 13, 2011

The National Electoral Council (CNE) ruled that elections for president of the 2013-19 period will be made on October 7 next year and  not in December,  as it was the original date. 

This  decision  was well received by both the ruling and the opposition.

Tibisay Lucena, president of the CNE announced the decision adopted “unanimously” to urge the parties to commit themselves to respect the results and so questioned the “troublemakers groups seeking to mislead public opinion”

” The parties should tell the country if they are willing to participate in this election party and they decide if they accept the election results,” Lucena said while he called on those who would be candidates to explain to Venezuelans, “which is its commitment to the country and the interests that move. ”

The resolution also includes another election schedule for commissions from two other estates: in October 2012 was elected president; governors and mayors will be in April 2013.

The Council will “ensure transparency and compliance with the Constitution of Venezuela” for the election act, Lucena said and she charged  against sectors that criticized  the autonomy of the Electoral.

“We note that in recent weeks, some individuals that are part of a group of troublemakers, who knows what purpose and under what interests sought to mislead public opinion and put into question the institutions of this country and the credibility of this electoral power. ”

Venezuela should be chosen for the period 2013-19 their next president, 23 governors, 233 regional deputies, 335 mayors, two metropolitan mayors and councilmen 2387.

“The whole country we say, continue to see where the truth and put aside these corpuscles troublemakers who are fortunately few and the whole country should isolate them,” said Lucena.

For his part, President Hugo Chavez, who will go for re-election said he will respect the CNE’s decision and said the victory “to move forward and ensure peace.”

“I will rule until 2019 and God willing, and I have good health, 2019-2025 and here we go,” said Bush, who lamented that “walking and some in provocative, trying to deceive the people.”

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