A crocodile of 6 meters long is captured in the Philippines

Philippines, September 6, 2011

A crocodile measuring 6.4 meters long and 1,075 kilograms weight was caught in Bunaw, Agusan province in southern Philippines and is the largest specimen ever seen in the Asian country.

Apparently his arrest was because the animal means a threat to the locals of this town and also the authorities try to make it the new star of a new eco-tourism park.

The operation to capture took several weeks and involved the construction of five traps, of which the first four were destroyed by the animal in an unimaginable size.

At least 100 people pulled the crocodile, when he was finally caught with steel cables and then transferred by truck to the area where the park will be built, apparently unharmed.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest crocodile of this specie ever caught measured 5.48 meters, which would mean a new brand.

Anyway, the biggest crocodile that has existed in the palette was the “Sarcosuchus imperator”, 12 meters long, 8 tons and lived 110 million years ago.

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