After Hurricane Irene, New York tries to calm

US, August 28, 2011


New York tries to calm after Hurricane Irene, which arrived weaker than expected as it was categorized only like a tropical storm. However, many people were without electricity and public transport was seriously disrupted by several floods.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg said that “security remains the top priority” for his government and many citizens located in some city shelters will start returning to their homes in the evening.

Bloomberg said that “the worst is over”, although there are still rains and gusts of consideration. For this reason, the officer advised people to stay in their homes until the situation is absolutely secure.

Airports have become hot spots for passengers as along the entire east coast at least 10,000 flights to and from Europe, Asia and South America have been cancelled. Public transit authorities said that on Monday afternoon the air terminals will begin operating again, but return to normal activity will take several days.

In areas where Irene left chaos there are at least 2 million displaced, 3 million people without electricity, 14 deaths and numerous injuries and property damage.

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