The meeting of the Wage Board continues without an agreement so far


City of Buenos Aires, August 26, 2011


The meeting between workers, employers and public officials continued as of 17. They seek to reach an agreement to fix the minimum, vital and mobile wage.

At 14, the meeting that includes representatives of the Union Industrial Argentina (UIA), the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) and Confederation of Workers of Argentina (CTA) began.

The head of the organization of industrialists said that “the request for increase [of the CTA and the CGT] of 41% is excessive” and said that “to validate them does not respond to any issue of reality.”

Jose De Mendiguren said the attitude of the UIA will be to ”propose a 19 percent increase,” which would bring the minimum 2190 pesos.

Meanwhile, the CGT CTA and demand that the minimum wage goes to 2,600 pesos, a strong increase of 40%.

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