The Electoral Court prohibited the pollsters in Cordoba

Argentina, July 26, 2011

In Cordoba, the provincial Electoral Court established that the pollsters cannot work 10 days before the election, starting this Thursday. The measure was taken after the occurrence of errors in the elections of both the City of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe.

The polls now cannot work after 10 days to the election. So on Thursday July 28 until 9 pm of Sunday August 7, the polls may not perform its function.

The reason for the decision is the Article 219 of the Electoral Code, which states that “is prohibited the dissemination of results of opinion polls from 10 days preceding the election”.

However, the decision has more to do with the uncertainty in the results both in the City of Buenos Aires and in Santa Fe. In this province, a consultant had predicted that Rossi would win, followed by Bonfatti and Del Sel, and in the City Buenos Aires gave Filmus as winner.


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