There was no debate between the candidates

City of Buenos Aires, June 30, 2011

Yesterday, the debate of the 3 main candidates for chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, Daniel Filmus and Fernando “Pino” Solanas, was to be held. The first man asked for separate interviews instead of debate and the runner of the FpV did not go.

There was disappointment yesterday’s afternoon when it was known that, finally, there would not be a debate in the Todo Noticias channel. It was the only space where the three candidates would go at the same time.

At 16, only the applicants of PRO and Proyecto Sur had arrived at the sets of San Juan and Lima. Macri asked for separate interviews instead of a debate and the channel agreed to it.

Meanwhile, the candidate of the Frente para la Victoria spoke today and said “I see no point, after the Media Law, in monopolizing the debate in a signal that, we hear this in the street, has to be paid for. I believe that all citizens have the right to hear it [the debate]. Lets debate in a university, like in the US or Europe and everyone who wants to can cover the event”.

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