River-Belgrano: The donkey Andrés predicted the tie (see video)

Argentina, June 26, 2011

The well-known burrito Andres, which had predicted the victory of Belgrano on River in the first leg, guessed again. The animal had predicted a draw for the round and so Belgrano achieves the First Division and River will have to play in the Second Division.

Andres lives on the farm Zoo of Cordoba and chose the mound of alfalfa that was between the other two who had the shirts of both teams.

Thus, the colt became the counterpart of the octopus Paul. His prediction resulted in a draw which raised hopes of fans in Cordoba.

In the first leg the animal predicted a victory of Belgrano over River when few believed it possible by the size of rival to face.

However, once accomplished the victory by 2 to 0 in the Barrio Alberdi, the donkey increased his fame, and his new forecast excited the fans before the second match.

Belgrano tied with River 1-1 and the prestige of Andres grows every day.

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