Incidents at Plaza de Mayo: two police officers injured and 42 persons arrested

Buenos Aires, June 24, 2011

Activists supporting the mobilization of teachers in Santa Cruz broke away from the main column and went into the clash with the police. Two officers were injured and 42 people were arrested.

Teachers Teachers Association of Santa Cruz (ADOSAC) moved at 18 to the Plaza de Mayo demanding a meeting with the Ministry of Labour and protesting the repression they suffered last night.

A group of people split from the main column and started assaulting the police uniform (no protection of helmets or shields) throwing stones and injuring two officers.

Given this, the troops called for reinforcements of infantry and cornered the group in the street Riobamba and arrested all who were present, who surrendered without resistance.

Soledad Vitta, ADOSAC representative, told M24Digital this group of protesters has nothing to do with their union (see related story), and added that the Ministry of Labour mobilized.

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