Macri only debates on TN, Alfredo Leuco reported

City of Buenos Aires, June 15, 2011

The journalist Alfredo Leuco reported that Mauricio Macri only wants a debate broadcasted on cable television. Daniel Filmus called for a debate on Channel 9, Channel 7 and America 24.

On the radio, the driver of Le doy mi palabra said: “This morning I spoke with Mauricio Macri because he, Filmus and Pino (Solanas) agreed to the debate in TN. They decided to go to TN. ‘Perfect’, I said and I asked him when he’d come to my show and Macri told me no, that there will be a single debate.”

Meanwhile, the candidate of the FPV said that “it would be good if there is no monopoly on the debate but to make it plural and broad, multi-channel, and that the journalists involved ensure objectivity.”

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