Sony announced that “the PlayStation Store service is available”

June 2, 2011: The company Sony announced that “the PlayStion Store service becomes available to all users. Therefore, you can now buy the content for Sony’s console and redeem the coupon code. The content ‘Welcome Back’ is not available yet.”

The Japanese company feels “happy” to confirm that “the PlayStation Store service is finally available for all users.”
He also announced the full list of new content available to members of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus subscribers in its official PlayStation blog that can be consulted on related links:

List of PlayStation Store content games.

PlayStation Blog Information.

They also confirmed that “the next update of PlayStation and PlayStation Store Plus will be this Friday, June 3. From next week. Thanks to this update, we will begin to incorporate some special content on the occasion of the E3 video game trade show.”

Although “Despite this good news, the ‘Welcome back promised package’ which included, among other things, two video games for all victims of theft after hacking accounts PlayStation Network service is not available at this time.”

“We will announce their availability as we are sure we can.”

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