Pino Solanas said that in a Filmus-Macri ballotage “we probably would leave freedom of conscience” to the voters

City of Buenos Aires, May 27, 2011

The candidate of Proyecto Sur for chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires said that in a possible second round involving the PRO and the Front for Victory, his party would not take sides for neither. Yesterday, Selser had spoken for the candidate of the Kirchnerism.

Fernando “Pino” Solanas told Radio Continental that “in politics, no one has tied the cow. We make four or fiver neighborhoods per day and is a campaign like that of 2009, with much enthusiasm. What we see on the street is consistent with the results of the surveys we have. Campaigns against us. I say we do not play into this because it happened in 2009: the trend is exactly the opposite.”

The center-left candidate said that “our historical position is that if we were in the sad scenario of not being in a second ballot, the first thing we do is a broad and deep consultation with whom voted us and the entire membership and probably would leave freedom of conscience.”

This would open an internal problem, as the candidate for vice-head of government of Project South, Jorge Selser (Authentic Socialist Party), had said he was inclined for the candidate of the Kirchnerism, Daniel Filmus.

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