The surplus fell to U.S. $ 1,300 million due to an increase in imports

Argentina, May 23, 2011

The National Institute of Statistics and Census showed data on the trade balance in April. A sharp increase in imports reduced the trade surplus to U.S. $ 1,300 million.

Argentine exports continued growing, although there was a decline in the pace. Revenues were achieved at U.S. $ 6.953 million, 12% more than in April 2010.

Meanwhile, the purchase of foreign products was increased by 31%, which contrasts severely with the moderate price increase (5%) they had.

So far this year, goods worth U.S. $ 24,057 million (annual increase of 25%) were exported, while goods worth U.S. $ 20,969 million were imported (an increase of 38%).

This leaves a surplus of $ 3.088 million so far this year, representing a decline of 24% compared to the amount of late April 2010.

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