Punishment for Laverni: He will not lead in the remainder of the tournament

"Time's up" for Laverni this season

City of Buenos Aires, May 23, 2011

Referee Saul Laverni received a sanction of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for his performance with lots of errors in the match between Banfield and GodoyCruz, that ended 1-1.

During the match, Diego Villar scored a legitimate goal: the ball hit the crossbar, bounced 50 feet across the line of goal and then bounced out, but Laverni did not give it.

He also did not charge a penalty by defender Gustavo Toledo (B) made on Alvaro Navarro (GC).

After the meeting, Laverni confessed: “I saw the plays on TV, I have to say it was the worst night of my life. When I arrived at the hotel and saw what had happened I wanted to die. For Villar’s move we urgently need technology and the penalty, I had to give it. I do not understand what happened.”

The truth is that the College of Referees set an exemplary punishment after two games with serious mistakes by referees, and Saul will not lead in the next 4 encounters.

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