Cristina Kirchner: “things can be solved without the necessity of pressure”

City of Buenos Aires, May 10,2011

Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner delivered 250 social houses through a videoconference and spoke about the methods of the working class to fight for its interests.

She said she hopes that “things can be solved without the necessity of pressure or facts that really generate a lot of conflictivity and which do no good to the Argentinians”.

“There are degrees of conflictivity that makes us loose the most important benefits. I would rather that, instead of supporting me so much, you would do so in a real way, so that things can be solved with no pressures nor threats”, Cristina added.

“I think it is wise for premiums or productivity bonuses, to be distributed because the important thing is that workers are an instrument in which to channel their legitimate demands, but these should not affect the legitimate demands of the rest of society”, she ended.

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