Macri: “I put on stand by my presidential candidacy”

ROSARIO, April 28, 2011.- Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri gave the first signs of withdrawal in the presidential race, saying “I put on stan by my candidacy.”

“I put on stand by my candidacy after achieving better deals to beat Kirchnerism in October,” said the official.

Macri’s statements were made in a soccer game he shared with the humorist Miguel Del Sel, gubernatorial candidate for the PRO in Santa Fe province.

“Today I am looking for a scenario that we allow those who think differently to this government, agree on some fundamental issues such as health and education,” said the mayor.

Also he recognized that it is very difficult to an alliance with the UCR, “I’m glad that Alfonsin has said it misinterpreted and understands the need for dialogue, but the truth is hard to see an alliance with radicalism, maybe in some districts but not at the national level. It’s difficult to think of a single candidate in a list in common.”

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