Siderar asks to debate in Congress the income of the Government in its directory

BUENOS AIRES, April 19, 2011.- Ternium-Siderar President Daniel Novegil said it is necessary to take the idea of the national government to have representatives on the board of the company to Congress for debate.

“The least we asked a parliamentary debate and ultimately in the same we can express our ideas,” the businessman said.

Through a DNU (decree of necessity and urgency), the Government extended the equity interest held through ANSES in the most important companies in the country, integrating own representatives on the boards.

In this sense Novegil complained: “In our view there is no justification for the application of Decree of Necessity and Urgency because the Constitution only justifies that the government legislate in very exceptional circumstances when it is no possible to go to Congress.”

He added: “Techint yesterday presented two causes before Justice. The first said the DNU is invalid because there was no urgency and second that the resolution of the CNV (National┬áSecurities┬áCommission) [on the validity of the assembly on Friday] is void because it violated the right of defense.”

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