Argentina Copa America 2011: Japan is expected to ratify its participation.

Argentina, April 13, 2011

The Argentine Eduardo Deluca, general secretary of the CONMEBOL, said that “tomorrow” they will receive the final response from Japan’s soccer federation, confirming or not their presence in the Copa America.

“We expect the answer by tomorrow and we are confident that it will be positive. CONMEBOL has already made aware to the Japanese Federation that it hopes their participation and they are interested in coming,” said Deluca to local media.

In addition to the disaster within the country, what determines the participation of Japan selected is the availability of players who play abroad.

“The CONMEBOL in this subject can not do anything,” said the Secretary General of the CONMEBOL, but felt that “FIFA probably intercede for it.”

Japan had announced its withdrawal from the continent’s most important competition on March 11 this year due to the earthquake and tsunami suffered by the country. However, at the request of the holder of AFA Julio Grondona, they reviewed their decision and will announce it by Friday of this week.

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