This is how new headquarters of the UNASUR will be

Ecuador, April 1, 2011

Today, the construction of the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) began near Quito, Ecuador.

Under the design of Ecuadorian architect Diego Guayasamín, the new building will have four floors, will occupy an area of 18 thousand square meters, surrounded by artificial pools and will have a parking lot with 194 places.

The avant-garde construction, characteristic style of Guayasamín, will be located 50 kilometers from the capital of Ecuador, in Mitad del Mundo. There, in the  XVII century, French scientists made ​​the measurement of the globe.

Thus, the UNASUR, created in 2008 and composed by Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia,Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana (current chairmen), Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela, will finally have its own building, which promises to be a true architectural wonder of this continent.

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