Retaliation policy in Teatro Colon: 41 musicians were fired

City of Buenos Aires, April 1, 2011

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires “terminated” the contract of 41 permanent orchestra musicians today. Coincidentally, they were those who refused to play at the Teatro Colon for late payments.

Sebastian Alanis, legal representative of the workers, said: “What is striking is that these decisions appear after the band had given an important signal to reconstruct the relationship”, in relation to the decision of the musicians to accompany Plácido Domingo in his free show in the Avenida 9 de Julio.

The lawyer added that “unfortunately at this time (the resolution of the conflict is) far away. We thought we were getting close but obviously the government once again demonstrates its arbitrariness and that solution has gone away again.”

Meanwhile, the Workers’ delegate, Maximo Parpagnoli, told reporters that “these comrades fired hadn’t received their pay check for three months,” adding: “We will resort to court to administratively remedy our situation and to denounce the ideological persecution that we are suffering.”

“The lack of strategy, wisdom is in sight and we have tasted it every day,” said the union representative. “The authorities hit at the time that suits them. They would not have not done it before the concert with Placido Domingo.”

The Teatro Colón brings together the best artists of academic music, and popular in some cases, for a long time. However, for two years now it has hosted only controversy: Form the resignation of its former director, Horacio Sanguinetti, to the various salary problems which now resume to a lack of respect towards the musicians.

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