Moyano denied having participated in the blocking of Clarín and La Nación printing plants

Argentina, March 27, 2011

Hugo Moyano, leader of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), denied today having participated in the blockade of printing plants of Clarin and La Nacion and said that it is a blockade organized by workers who were dismissed by the media.

“They are workers dismissed by Clarín, they are there because their families do not have enough money to eat. Is the staff fired from Clarin. They are workers with their family, with their mothers, because these people are desperate” said the union leader in dialogue with radio Brisas.

In addition, Moyano said that it was a “total nonsense” to relate the events to him and the Government.

“Six years ago, the Justice has repeatedly said that they have to reinstate them. And now they blame me. This is total nonsense” he said.

Today, a group of 50 protesters, Workers of the union Rioplatenses Graphic Arts camped at the entrance and exit of the Clarín printing plants, preventing the distribution of the newspapers.

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