San Lorezo achieved a valuable victory against Olimpo in Bahia Blanca

Argentina, March 26, 2011

The team from Boedo beat Olimpo in Bahia Blanca for 1-0, with goal scored by the Uruguayan Salgueiro. Ramon Diaz’s team is in the battle for the lead with a game less.

Starting Lineups:

Olimpo: Laureano Tombolini; Juan Tejera, Marcelo Mosset, Pablo Jerez, Federico Domínguez; Juan Manuel Cobo, Roberto Brum, Martín Aguirre; Martín Rolle; Néstor Bareiro y Ezequiel Maggiolo. Coach: Omar De Felippe

San Lorenzo: Pablo Migliore; Jonathan Ferrari, Cristian Tula y Jonathan Bottinelli; Sebastián Luna, Juan Manuel Torres, Guillermo Pereyra y Matías Giménez; Juan Carlos Menseguez, Pablo Velázquez y Juan Manuel Salgueiro. Coach: Ramón Díaz

Stadium: Roberto Carminatti

Referee: Saúl Laverni

Goals: SH: 28´ Juan Manuel Salgueiro (SL)

Changes: FH: 29´ Eduardo Casais (O) for Pablo Jerez (O). SH: 0´ Diego Herner (SL) for Cristian Tula (SL); 6´ Julio Furch (O) for Ezequiel Maggiolo (O); 20´ Sebastián Longo (O) for Martín Aguirre (O); 33´ Diego Placente (SL) for Juan Carlos Menseguez (SL); 43´ Salvador Reynoso (SL) for Juan Manuel Salgueiro (SL)

Yellow Cards: FH: 23´Guillermo Pereyra (SL); 34´ Matías Giménez (SL); 41´ Néstor Bareiro (O); 43´ Cristian Tula (SL). SH: 7´ Marcelo Mosset (O); 25´ Jonathan Bottinelli (SL); 29´ Jonathan Bottinelli (SL)

Red Cards: SH 30’ Jonathan Botinelli

FH: First Half

SH: Second Half

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