Congo boasts the largest penises in the world

March 17, 2011.- The web Targetmap designed a map of the average size of the penises in the world, which gives a result perhaps not very surprising to many, because in Africa are the largest.

The Congo, specifically, boasts an average penis of 17.93 cm, making the population with the largest size. By contrast, Asia is the area where the little ones. Specifically in South Korea the average size is 9.66 cm. The Chinese are the most gifted of that part of the planet but only with 10.98 cm.

In Latin America those on top of the ranking are Ecuadorians with 17.59 cm, followed by Colombia with 17.03. Argentina average is 14.59 and Chile is the most neglected within the area with 14.88.

Spain is at number 74 with an average of 13.85 cm, above of Estonia (13.78) and below Greenland (13.87). Hungary (16.51) is the only country from Europe in the Top-10.

U.S. has an average of 12.9 cm, while Brazil 15.7 and Mexico 15.68.

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