Tomada said the macrismo made Buenos Aires an “increasingly unequal” city

City of Buenos Aires, March 13, 2011

Carlos Tomada, candidate for Chief of Government of Buenos Aires and labor minister, criticized the management of PRO in the City of Buenos Aires, which is “increasingly unequal.”

Tomada regretted that the Capital “has become increasingly unequal,” adding that “the South has run into the street Corrientes in terms of abandonment, neglect and inclusion.”

“It has become a major real estate business, but has not thought that all must be contained and that everyone has access to housing, education and health,” he added.

The Minister of Education referred to the footage that was in the city lately. “There is a progressive step in and take occupation of settlements,” he said and asked “why the City can not have an active policy of housing” to avoid this situation.

Tomada said the Frente para la Victoria is working on a “same sense” in the Capital and said no matter who you run in these elections. “It’s like if you have Macri, (the chief of staff in Buenos Aires, Horacio) Rodriguez Larreta or (Deputy Gabriela) Michetti, the political and ideological rival is the PRO, whoever wears the colors go who is now headCity, “he said.

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