Bayer Munich beat Inter 1-0 in a great match

Italy, February 23, 2011

In a game of excellent football and technical quality, Bayern Munich beat Inter with a goal scored near the final whistle by Gomez. The Italian team had not played bad, but an unfortunate action at the end of the game left them without the points at their home.

In the first half, both teams had the ball. Inter attacked and then Bayer, taking turns holding the ball. Both teams arrived causing danger, but failed to score.

Bayer attacked with Robben, Lahm, Gomez, Gustavo, while Inter did the same with Eto’o, Cambiasso, Stankovic, Zanetti, Sneijder and Maicon.

Already in the second half, Bayer did better on the court and had clear chances to be ahead on the scoreboard, but Julio Cesar and the bad luck avoided the first goal.

After the first good moment of the Bayer, Inter came out of its field and began to takeover the ball. They also had major chances but the German goalkeeper ruined the festivities.

With two minutes left of extra time, near the final, Robben shot on goal and Julio Cesar gave a rebound, something that must never be done. After the error, Gomez appeared who pushed the ball and gave the visitors the victory.

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