Boudou travels to France in order to move forward with the Paris Club

February 13, 2011.- Economy Minister Amado Boudou plans to move ahead in negotiations with the Paris Club as part of his trip to France for the G-20 ministers summit.

Boudou said that with his Brazilian pair, Guido Mantega, he will present at the G-20 common positions especially in the “defense of the operation and no restriction on the commodities market.”

“Argentina and Brazil will continue working to reform the international financial and monetary system,” said the minister, adding that “the fact that President Cristina Kirchner is leading this year’s G-77 + China gives an additional spice to this discussion.”

At the summit of G-20, which will meet on February 18, Boudou will meet French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde and Paris Club President Ramón Fernández.

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