Pakistan: Suicide attack left 42 dead

December 25, 2010

According to local authorities, “A suicide attack left 42 dead and over seventy injured in Pakistan so far. The bomber was wearing a burqa that covered his entire body, and blew his load in the middle of a crowd that was receiving food aid from local authorities in the town of Khar in the Bajaur region. Before detonating the explosives, he threw several hand grenades at the people, and began to cause panic”.

Local media explained that “The attack came a day after major incidents between Taliban insurgents in the neighboring region of Mohmand, near the border with Afghanistan, and security forces, which left eleven soldiers and 24 insurgents dead.

Dosti Rehman, a Government official who is in hospital in Bajaur said “I counted forty bodies, but the list of dead could rise because several of the injured are in critical condition”.

According to official sources, “The bomber, wearing a burqa and whose material couldn’t be identified yet, detonated his explosives among hundreds of people from the Salarzai tribe who had gathered to receive food from the authorities”.

Witnesses confirmed that “the first terrorist threw a few hand grenades at the crowd. First there were two small explosions and people started running for cover. Within seconds there was a loud explosion that was the one that caused all the dead. It was horrible”.

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