XX Ibero American Summit: What happened

Mar del Plata, December 4, 2010

Today, the XX Ibero American Summit was celebrated. In it, several discussions were held, amongst which were the supporting of the Argentine claim over the Malvinas Islands (Falklands), a tribute to the late former Secretary General of UNASUR, Nestor Kirchner, and the announcement of the next meeting in Paraguay.

Nestor Kirchner “was like the Maradona of politics”

That is how the King of Spain Juan Carlos I de Borbón described the late former president in his tribute. He praised the “emphasis he placed on recovery and progress of this great country.”

“By its very intense and long political career, Kirchner already occupies a prominent place in the history of Argentina and the whole of Latin America,” the Spanish monarch said.

Who also spoke about former Secretary General of UNASUR was Inazio Lula Da Silva. He recalled that “he was the first to give me a shirt of his football team,” explaining that “there was no other time in history that saw such strong relationships between Argentina and Brazil, as the one Kirchner and I could form as presidents.”

“Argentina was measured before and after Peron, and now it will be before and after Kirchner,” said President of Brazil, adding that “it was not with Nestor Kirchner; Cristina Kirchner is going to complete the work he began. I think it’s the time of Cristina.”

The President, said Lula, and Dilma Rousseff “will make an association, without doubt, better than the one me and Kirchner achieved in our time.”

The signing of the Declaration of Mar del Plata

The 21 countries that participated in the summit signed a document under the theme “Education for social inclusion”, which establishes the Goals 2021.

“Promoting universal quality education as a fundamental and inalienable human right to be protected and guaranteed by all Latin American States,” reads one of the articles of the text.

They also signed the Special Declaration on the Protection of Democracy in Latin America and a special communiqué by the Falkland Islands “which holds high the Argentina’s call for dialogue and rejects the unilateral actions of the United Kingdom in oil exploration and military exercises “reports Telam.

Also, documents rejecting the trade embargo on Cuba, claiming the Global Fight against Climate Change, praising the Coordination of Fight against Transnational Crime, and supporting Brazil’s candidacy to the general direction of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) were approved.

The 2011 summit in Paraguay

At the end of the meeting, Cristina Kirchner gave the presidency pro tempore of the Summit to Fernando Lugo, who explained that the next edition will be held on 28 and October 29 in Asuncion on the theme “Transformation of the State for development.”

Paraguay President closed his speech by saying: “So welcome to Paraguay next year.”

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