Viggo Mortensen and Ariadna Gil, a loving couple

Spain, November 12, 2010: Viggo Mortensen and Ariadna Gil, former wife of David Trueba for 18 years now, does not hide their love, that is very much in love, walking the streets of Madrid.

Hand in hand with kisses and love on the street, they confirmed the rumors of the magazine reads, which began earlier this year.

The romantic couple went strolling through the streets of Madrid with comfortable clothes. She and comfortable jeans, plaid shirt and jacket, and he with a classic MC.

Let’s remember that the two met during filming of the movie Alatriste and rumors began to circulate about a possible relationship.

Ariadne has two children from her former relationship with film director, and Viggo is divorced 13 years ago, and the father of a young man of 22 years.

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  1. What I like about Viggo is that he seems to go for substance rather than ‘technical’ beauty that is all too often shoved in our faces. I envy the woman. Most of his fans do, I’m sure. He seems very particular and guarded about his relationships, so this must be the real deal. Sigh… :-( Not sure I like his politics, though.

  2. Who here can 100% honestly say they have NEVER done anything underhanded, no matter how slight in comparison you think it may be? If you’re going to get all religious about it – sin is sin in God’s eyes , whether you tell a little white lie, commit adultery or rob a bank. To those calling either of them ugly, I generally find that people who have nothing good to say about others don’t really have anything useful to say in the first place. If it wasn’t for sh**talking there wouldn’t be much for them to say. None of us know either of them so why are you wasting your energy crying out against them? Use it to do something good like spending time with your own family – away from the computer – or doing something more creative than coming up with nasty remarks? I don’t agree with everything Viggo says or does – and certainly don’t agree with him politically. But I do admire and respect him for his work and artistic ventures.

  3. It’s none of my business, I know, but I wish Viggo nothing but health, happiness, and contentment, warmth and comfort. His business if she looks like a horses… well, his business.

  4. She is too ugly for him. Hopefully he will understand it too.

    • She is a very lovely woman! Viggo obviously thinks so.

      Why don’t you delusional fangirls get a life, instead of wasting it on someone you will never meet, let alone have.

      I assume you have seen the new photos of the two of them walking their dog in Madrid that were taken a couple of days ago.

    • Um, Viggo is not looking too good there, either. When the sun hits his face, you can see he looks very old. The only time he does look good is when he has makeup and lights on him.

      Did anyone read the post from David Trueba in Perceval Press? Viggo’s own personal website. David wrote about how movies are now more like porno than the talented movies of old. I have no idea why Viggo would post this on his own website when A) He stole this man’s wife and B) Most of Viggo’s roles, and some of Ariadna’s too, are one step away from porno. He is always naked, full frontal, and usually has been mixing sex and violence in his films. So what is Viggo trying trying to say by posting this negative comment from David Trueba about Viggo and Ariadna’s “acting” abilities? And why on earth did Viggo post it on his website, Perceval Press? Is it a slam against David?

  5. They look happy, and who are we to judge. I hope all involved have happy lives.

  6. I heard from a friend of a friend that they are already engaged to be married. And very soon. As you can see, he looks lonely and tired and has had enough of American living. They are aleady living together in Spain now. He only visits America now to see his family. He has always said that he prefers the spanish way of life to American-style living. He even prefers to speak spanish over english. His choice, of course. I don’t think we will be hearing from him anytime soon as he will be filming a movie in Argentina in a few months.

  7. I’m not going to comment on the personal life of a celebrity whom I do not know from Adam, however, I do feel compelled to ask how anyone can call Ms. Gil ugly? Are you blind? She is actually quite attractive.

  8. Viggo and Ariadna started seeing each other while she was still married. There may have been other reasons for her marriage ending, but this relationship was a main contributor. I will not say anything negative about that or try to judge anyone, since I have no right to do that, but neither will I go around squealing with glee and happiness. Mimi is right there are two children that have a broken home. I myself come from a home with divorced parents and even in the best situation (my parents stayed good friends) it is still very hard and it leaves you with scars your entire life. So I don’t see how anyone can judge or say it is so wonderful. It is what is and nothing more.

  9. She is aquarian… so.. she is nice lady? What kind of character reference is a star-sign for chrissakes!

    Ask her husband… sorry.. her ex-husband if he thinks she is nice lady.

    • I was kidding … What kind of sense of humor do you have !
      Calm down :)
      But she looks like very lovely ( I said just looks like !)

  10. Let them !!! They are so cuties !!!
    She is aquarian… so.. she is a nice lady , cause the aquarians are the most nice people all over the world.
    I loved the couple :)

  11. So you have come here to preach as well as IMDb Susanne. And Ellen, you believe that all is fine as long as Viggo is happy. It doesn’t matter if David is unhappy or that two children now join the statistics of children who come from a broken home. As long as Viggo has something to smile about then all is well with the world.

    He is a homewrecker and marriage breaker and she is an adulteress.

    The seventh commandment: You shall not commit adultery.

    The tenth commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

    Seems to me that he coveted his neighbor’s wife and his neighbor’s wife commited adultery.

  12. Jen, that is a terible thing to say. This may not be the most flattering picture of AG, but she is a lovely woman. She would have to be, to capture this incredible man’s heart, as he is a lovely gentleman. While I admit to be a bit jealous, I am happy for them. Furthermore, I got the impression that she is an “ex-wife” or that they’ve at least been separated for some time. Who are we to judge? Leave them alone for crying out loud and stop the nasty comments. If a man as special as Viggo can find true happiness in his hectic and very public life, then they deserve privacy and certainly some decency.

  13. I applaud Viggo and Ariadna,
    This will put an end to the rumors and to all who believe that Viggo speaks to them in every poem. There have been excessive abuses on Viggo’s IMDB page, primarily by one poster who has at times posted disturbing messages and threats, and I hope that this will now end.

    I wish you the very best!!! Congratulations, it’s a happy couple!

  14. Well, I just want to say, I’ve been a fan of Mr. Mortensen for many years but…this is one “UGLY” woman! Love is indeed blind. As a bat in his case. He’s also settling for 2nds with an ugly woman whose been married for 18 years and has kids he’ll have to help raise. I feel sorry for him.

  15. True, rumors circulated. And they did with him and Gweneth Paltrow, and Orlando Bloom, and Sean Bean, and pick any co-star he’s been in a film with, The man exudes sex. If he and Ariadna are a couple, good for them. I hope they are both happy

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