River lost 1-0 against All Boys and now thinks in the derby with Boca

Argentina, November 7, 2010

River lost 1-0 as visitor against All Boys. The goal of the team from Floresta was scored by Juan Pablo Rodriguez. Both Boca and the “millionaires” are playing badly on the eve of the derby, meanwhile the team from Nuñez can not leave the promotion zone.

The first time had two clear arrivals for the “albo” with Rodriguez playing on the left.

At 13 minutes, Carrizo blocked a shot by Matos and another of Rodriguez, the local team was more ambitious.

River had no depth and team play, and in addition, the moves of Buonanotte were consistently blocked by faults.

Already in the second half Ortega entered for Cirigliano and the fans waited for a reaction of the team’s offense. But locals were playing good and in a play on offense scored the 1-0, by Rodriguez.

Carrizo could not do anything due to the power of the ball kicked by the Uruguayan player.

River managed a bit more the ball but lacked of ideas, and also Cambiasso, All Boys’s goalkeeper, had a great evening.

All Boys seeks to stay in First Division, while River continues in promotion zone, but already thinking on the derby.

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