The video of a priest having sex with an employee of his parish

Trujillo, November 4, 2010

Peru was impressed by the release of a videotape showing the priest José Antonio Solano having sex with Teodolinda Amaya Altamirano, an employee of his parish.

Teodolinda’s husband suspected she was cheating on him. Thus he recorded himself sneaking into the Miraculous Medal Church, located in Trujillo, and finding father Solano with his wife.

The priest said “It’s a trap that I have been tempted into. I acknowledge my mistake, calm down”, but the man rebuked him “How am I going to calm if I find my wife with you? A priest!”.

Teodolinda denounced “the priest molested me, I was forced to satisfy his wishes” for a year, but the video captured by her husband shows otherwise.

The woman said she is 4 months pregnant and attributed her son to Solano, who she also demanded payment for their services after being dismissed from the parish.

One Response to The video of a priest having sex with an employee of his parish

  1. Arthur Borges in Zhengzhou

    Well, the bottomline is that the cleric got caught with his hand in the cookie jar fair & square.

    And he wasn’t even a gentleman about it: he might at least have offered her a nice quiet lump-sum golden parachute with lots of zeroes as a goodbye settlement.

    In his defense, at least he seduced someone aged well above the minimum age of sexual consent under the laws of the Vatican State: 12 years.

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