Gary Medel would miss the derby against River

City of Buenos Aires, November 4, 2010

Boca’s player who was instrumental in the victory in the last derby, scoring two goals for the team, could miss the game against River Plate and he was summoned to play against the selection of Chile to Uruguay on 17 November, a day after the game.

Boca Juniors managers negotiate desperately with ANFP for Medel to play the game against River. So far, the Chilean will not be able to repeat the performance that won the hearts of the Boca fans, when he scored 2 goals to his eternal rival.

On Wednesday 17 November, the selection of Chile will play a friendly against Uruguay in which could be the last game of Marcelo Bielsa as coach of “The Red”.

Although it is known that the chances are slim, Boca is looking for the Chilean to face River on Tuesday 16, at the Monumental stadium.

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