Nuvaring, the new contraceptive intravaginal ring

October 21, 2010

Nuvaring, an intravaginal ring as a contraceptive method arrived to Argentina, preventing ovulation through the release of hormones. Its effect lasts for a month.

“The ring is flexible, comfortable and discreet, as it is placed into the woman and removed only once a month. This eliminates the daily intake of a pill and possible oversights,” said Silvina Witis, gynecologist.

The ring that promises to end the reign of the pills is plastic, transparent, and placed as a buffer, and works the same way that contraceptives in pills, inhibiting ovulation. In addition, experts say that side effects are minor because it delivers a lower dose of hormones. A repeated criticism of the pills is that body weight increases as a result of hormonal changes.

It is manually placed and once inside the vagina, women don’t worry about it until next month.

Nuvaring will stay in the deepest area of the female sexual organ, a zone with few nerve endings, so the woman won’t even feel it.

Significantly, it is contraindicated in lactating women, so its use should be avoided in this process.

With a global acceptance of around 90%, the contraceptive ring in Argentina will have a monthly fee of 118 pesos. With insurance plans and prepaid health services, the discount will reach 40%.

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