Celine Dion was admitted to the hospital

United States, October 18, 2010

Canadian singer Celine Dion was admitted to the hospital in West Palm Beach (Southeast Florida) under medical advice before she gave birth to twins.

In a statement Medical Center St. Mery was specified that “Mrs. Celine Dion was admitted to St. Mary Medical Center for observation, on the recommendation of her doctors.”

The text also says that Dion was admitted “to prevent premature birth of her babies, which is a fairly common clinical measure in mothers of twins.

“This will ensure that (Celine, 42 years) may have close contact with her physicians and clinical resources” continues the statement.

As indicated by the hospital, the singer is expecting twin boys with her manager and husband, Rene Angelil, 68 years.

Finally, the text stated that Dion “has no specific date for delivery” and “has not required nor demanded any comfort or medical staff that are not available for other patients.”

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