Lanus defeated San Lorenzo and is now closer to the top

Lanús, October 9, 2010

The team led by Zubeldía defeated San Lorenzo 2-0 in the South. Nestor Pittana led the meeting that had an equalized first half and a second time dominated by Lanus.

The first 45 minutes showed a team of Ramon Diaz that came to dominate the meeting. However, the players of “el Cuervo” met an unexpectedly strong defense on the other side.

The second half showed a radical change, Lanús was completely overwhelming. At 8 minutes, Castillejos scored the 1-0 and at 16, Romero doubled the lead from the penalty spot.

Thus, those of Zubeldía add 18 points and are 7 points away from Estudiantes.

Initial lineups:

Lanús: Agustín Marchesín; Hernán Grana, Paolo Goltz, Santiago Hoyos, Carlos Arce; Marcos Aguirre, Guido Pizarro, Agustín Pelletieri, Sebastián Blanco; Silvio Romero y Gonzalo Castillejos. Director técnico: Luis Zubeldía.

San Lorenzo: Pablo Migliore; Fernando Meza, Jonathan Bottinelli, José Luis Palomino; Sebastián Luna, Juan Manuel Torres, Guillermo Pereyra, Diego Placente; Leandro Romagnoli; Juan Carlos Menseguez y Fabián Bordagaray. Director técnico: Ramón Díaz.

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