Spanish controversial article links Maradona as a symbol of Peronism

October 6, 2010 .- The Spanish daily El Pais published an article with harsh criticism against the image of former Argentina soccer coach, Diego Maradona, as a representation and symbol of Peronism.

“Where is the famous Social Justice proclaimed endlessly by Peronism that has governed by most of the democratic period established in 1983?” journalist John Carlin and psychoanalyst Carlos Pierini asked after indicating that Argentina was “a country that 100 years ago was one of the 10 richest in the world” and now “a third of infants are doomed to grow up in poverty, if they manage to grow. Eight children under the age of five-years-old die each day due to malnutrition in this country that was once the breadbasket of the world. “

The authors believe that the current economical situation in Argentina occurred because “over half a century, military coups have alternated power with populist, corrupt or incompetent governments.”

The article argues that Maradona is basically “the cult of the vividness, the contempt for work ethic, narcissism, faith in magical solutions, the impulse to exculpate himself by blaming the ills of others, the puppets.”

These “are features that do not define all Argentines, but Maradona represents in clownish caricature and that the majority of the population, who are very unable to lose faith in Peronism, applauds without laugh but seriously perverse. The starting point is the denial of reality.”

The former head coach “as a metaphor for Argentina”, is explained in the following paragraph: “The failure of Maradona in the World Cup was the mirror of the failure of Argentina as a country. On the one hand, a lack of rigor and humility in the planning, on the other, a waste of resources. Talent left over, unless for cronyism, blindness, patriotic populism or simply stupidity, Maradona decided not to call some top players, he only did not exploit the resources he had, but he did not want even to see it.”

Maradona is a reflection of Peronism because like him, elected presidents or systems are “features populist, authoritarian and undemocratic, with little feet on the ground” and it implies a failure inevitable, according to the views of the authors.

“The deification of Idol-Gods creatures that no one should criticize, like Peron, Evita, Maradona, Cristina Fernandez and Nestor Kirchner, untouchable beings without errors, leading to repetitive and painful failure that drives millions of Argentines suffering. The breadbasket of the world is becoming a country full of beans pustules also created by the system: failure, poverty, malnutrition, insecurity, crime, destruction of institutions, continuing to attack the opposition press, attack on the law, the destruction of education (that too) and then we come to the fantasy of being a people “protected” by the gods fall into a sad and ridiculous reality,” reflects the article entitled Maradona as Argentina Metaphor.

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