Marina Silva: The politician whose “green votes” are wanted by all

Brazil, October 4, 2010

Brazil’s presidential elections showed a much unexpected fact: The great rise of the Partido Verde, which managed to get third place with nothing less that 19% of the vote. On the ballot, it becomes important to define the future direction of the country.

Marina Silva is the now former Partido Verde (Partido Verde) candidate for the Brazilian, but also the person receiving more calls concerning who will come from both parties. Logically, we know that the votes they obtained may well define who will be the new president of Brazil.

So far, Silva said that in just two weeks, the Partido Verde will discuss what position they will have facing the second round, to be held on 31 October.

The ecological referent is, also, a former official of the government of Lula da Silva, which went away in understanding the decisions that were made were not good for the environment.

“I received calls of congratulations from the two candidates and congratulated them for having gone to the second round. I told them we had the opportunity to discuss Brazil” said the former candidate.

It appears that Silva’s position is for the Workers’ Party (PT, ruling) because of its recent membership. However, surprises can come in and Dilma Rousseff and Jose Serra will have to wait to see what results to expect.

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