“Extreme Beauty,” the first “Taboo” by Nat Geo

September 20, 2010

The National Geographic Channel series “Taboo” (Tabú in Spanish) caused controversy after its first episode of the season yesterday called “Extreme Beauty” (Belleza extrema), where they showed the stories of journalist Laura Pereyra, Lin May, and transsexual Majo Dupre.

Pereyra, from Cordoba, Argentina, known for her blog “Me, the fattest” (Yo, la más gorda de todas), is a young journalist with obesity problems that fights to impose overweight over the thinness of the big fashion brands advertisment.

The Mexican actress and vedette Lin May also told her story, how her obsession with her image led to tireless cosmetic surgeries, which became mostly dangerous for her health. During the show, May told how on one occasion she injected baby oil on her face, instead of collagen.

The transsexual Majo Dupré, from Buenos Aires, was also part of “Extreme Beauty.” Dupré underwent 35 surgeries, including a sex change.

“The beauty for me is everything,” said Dupré totalitarian.

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