Banfield won 4-0 against a sleeping Independiente

Banfield, September 19, 2010

The team coached by Falcioni beat Independiente 4-0. The “Rojo” could not find a way to score in the first half and Banfield capitalized its chances.

In the round with most goals of the tournament, Ramirez (3′) and Zelaya (20′) scored for a Banfield that wants to get back to the struggle for the title.

Meantimes, Independiente has shown no ability to reverse the match and step away from the lower positions. This defeat could lead to the dismissal of Garnero as coach of the “Rojo”.

5 minutes into the second half, Romero scored for Banfield. Only a minute after, Independiente was left with 10 players because Valles recieved his second yellow card.

At minutes, Zelaya sealled a confortable win that puts Banfield in the fight for the title.

Banfield: Enrique Bologna; Santiago Ladino, Mauro Dos Santos, Víctor López y Marcelo Bustamante; Marcelo Quinteros, Ariel Rosada, Emanuel Pio y Sebastián Romero; Cristian García o Gabriel Méndez o Emilio Zelaya y Rubén Ramírez. Coach: Julio César Falcioni.

Independiente: Adrián Gabbarini; Eduardo Tuzzio, Julián Velázquez, Leonel Galeano y Maximiliano Velázquez; Hernán Fredes, Roberto Battión y Lucas Mareque; Leandro Gracián; Patricio Rodríguez y Andrés Silvera. Coach: Daniel Garnero.

Referi: Carlos Maglio.

Stadium: Banfield.

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