Mexico celebrates the Bicentennial of its independence

Mexico, September 16, 2010.
- The Mexican people celebrated their 200 years of history with a spectacle never seen in the main square of the capital, shouting “Viva Mexico” when President Calderón hoisted the flag from the balcony of the National Palace .

Organizers said, “The cost of the celebrations was approximately U$S 45 million, only in the capital, across the country could reach a total of 230 million,” which is already the subject of controversy.

BBC World in Mexico reported that “it is estimated that more than 50 000 people packed the Zocalo (The Constitution Square in Mexico City), despite the call of authorities to continue the festivities on television.

The first activity organized in the Zocalo was the ritual of the New Fire ceremony, led by 13 shamans.

And the public during the day also saw allegorical shows, mariachi music and even they joined in an elaborate choreography that allowed them to be more than mere spectators of the party. “

12000 police officers monitored the route of the parade.

Along Reforma Avenue 45 giant screens were placed to broadcast the main event, in addition to the famous “scream” included a fireworks display that indicated, in turn, the beginning of a festival that lasted until dawn September 16.

This Thursday the celebrations will continue with a traditional military parade that included representatives from 17 countries, including China and the United States, and anti-drug operations will be present and for the first time the federal police parade.

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