Guatemala: Heavy rains kill at least 76 people and several missing

Heavy rains that affected Guatemala in recent days left at least 76 dead, 23 missing and more than 40,000 victims. Over the weekend relief agencies attended 189 emergencies arising from the weather.

It suspended the rescue of dozens of people who were buried on Saturday by a landslide on the American road, at the height of Solola, some 170 km west of Guatemala City.

Rescue work was canceled until optimal weather conditions returned. This precaution was  taken in order for security workers to operate on the ground after heavy rains resumed in the area of the operation.

Some communities were flooded and heavy damage occurred to road infrastructure in the country. Over 11,686 people were housed in temporary shelters.

It’s a national tragedy. On this weekend, there was similar damage to the storm in May Agatha.

Officials improvised a morgue at about 500 meters from the disaster zone. But amid their grief, family members took the bodies of their loved ones without waiting for court approval.

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