American football player ensured his hair for one million dollars

Troy Polamalu, player of the Pitsbug Steelers, catches the attention of everyone during football matches. Maybe not because the way he plays but because of the length of his hair.

Procter & Gamble’s Company which is also owner of Head & Shoulders ensured his hair in Lloyd’s for a million dollars. The agreement reached with the insurance company establishes that it is ensured if the player loses hair during a match.

It is the same company that a few years ago ensured Jennifer Lopez’s butt also for a million dollars and Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs for 153 million dollars.

Polamalu said that he didn’t want to cut his hair because it is a way to pay tribute to his Samoans ancestors, but could this be the real reason for his refusal or is it something related to the million dollars?

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